Blue Mountain View, like some other parts of Tasmania, is a fungi paradise. Fungi are neither plants nor animals, but a kingdom in their own right in the tree of life. Many fungi, such as mushrooms, live freely in soil and water, while others form parasitic relationships with plants. Along with bacteria, fungi are crucial elements of ecosystems, being responsible for breaking down organic matter and releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon and other elements into the air and soil. The part of the fungus that people typically see is the  sporophore, or fruiting body, which come in a diverse array of shapes and colors as evident from the examples shown in this webpage.fungi.

Fungi can be found throughout the year, though more commonly in early spring after the winter rains. They are most often found in wet forests and dark recesses, conditions found in much of Blue Mountain View. Tasmania has hundreds of fungi species, many of which have yet to be formally classified and many surely yet to be discovered. Further resources for learning about Tasmanian fungi are listed below.






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